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aspire to be

October 2009



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Oct. 2nd, 2009

old books


I'm taking a break from my Portuguese homework. I'm finally getting to writing my speech that I was supposed to have had done some time ago but because I got so monsterly sick I ended up having to get an extension. So now I'm hitting it hard. I finally decided on talking about the new version of the food pyramid. It's been years since I've had to write a speech (sophomore year of college, to be exact). I feel a bit rusty but have gotten into the swing of things again. And luckily I always seemed to do well in this type of thing, so I should do sort of decent.

Well, back to work.

Aug. 17th, 2009

aspire to be

the trip

What a camping trip!!! The beauty of Trindade is better than even Ilha Grande's...which is saying a lot! I had been there once before a LONG time ago but it was raining and we went there just for the day. This time, however, we got there Friday night, left on Sunday and had blue skies (no couds to be seen) with HOT weather the whole time! We hiked, beached...everything! It was fantastic!
The part that filled us with the most joy was seeing Cazuza in the water. When he was little he wa so scared of the water, but this time he was a surfer!! He ran along the coast like a lifeguard dog and even RODE waves (I mean that literally!!)!!! He was a little surfer out there! We were so proud of him and his adventurous spirit! Oh, and he loved the hiking etc. He was an expert at all the slippery rocks and tough angles.

Aug. 5th, 2009

aspire to be

aula/hair cut/b-day baking/sun

Tomorrow morning (late morning, after some classes) I'm finally getting my haircut. Life got a bit busy so my hair's grown out a lot and is getting uncomfy. I think I've decided I'm going to go even shorter again. I've had my hair super duper short and at a decent length as well and with short hair I've always felt ten times better. I really liked my last hairstyle/cut that my guy gave me but now I feel like going even shorter and seeing what he can do. I trust him so much so I'll ask him first if he thinks it'll look good on me. Short short hair has looked good on me in the past but it'll be good to get some detailed ideas from him.

Today I start my Portuguese class again! Winter break is now over. I'm glad it's starting up, though. I love class. However, I was a bad student and didn't review at all over break. Hopefully I can remember some of the big grammar subjects we touched on.

Tomorrow is Maria's b-day and I'm going to bake some chocolate sandwich coookies that I baked for Carol's b-day last year which were a big hit. HOWEVER, I'm going to change the filling from a cream cheese filling to a thick, grocery story like frosting that we can't get down here in Brazil but that I just KNOW everyone would love down here. You know, it's the store bought frosting you all can get in your groceries stores. WE don't have that down here so I found a recipe showing how to make it (it looks easy).

Finally the sun's come out!! I feel GREAT!

Jul. 17th, 2009

aspire to be

i finally scheduled it

Today is a very easy going Friday if I do say so myself. I've been filling it with stupid computer games, listening to music and watching t.v., and this morning I got out to finally schedule my "azeitona" tattoo!!! I'm getting it on the 25. The last time I got a tattoo was three and a half years ago! Wow! Way too long. I guess I just had other things I needed to spend our money on. I have several other tattoos I want to get, and I WILL get them, but I know they'll have to wait a bit. Especially because one of them in particular is going to be semi expensive and detailed.

Jul. 16th, 2009

teddy bear

Writer's Block: Childish Pleasures

Name something you love but feel like you should have grown out of by now.
My love for stuffed animals. I still sleep with one to this day. I'm not embarrassed by it, however. I just know that based on the norm, I shouldn't be doing it anymore probably! Especially with my lovely wife on the other side of me! I'll even make them talk and deep down I think they have feelings. Okay, maybe that last part made me get a titch embarrassed! 

Jul. 15th, 2009

aspire to be

phobes and isms

Some things I really want to work on concerning myself are:

my self confidence
my knowledge
decreasing my stress levels
not getting so worked up over things, that in the grand scheme of things, aren't worth getting worked up over (did you like that wordy sentence?)
not caring so much what other people think of what I say or do

So I was thinking about ways that I could perhaps boost my confidence level about myself in relationship to jobs. I need to create my resume. Sure, I used to have one before I moved, but since then I've not had to create one. Maybe when I have in front of me all of my experience and accomplishments I'll feel better about attacking this world of new work etc. And since we always highlight our bests on resumes it should really help.

Something I hate about resumes here in Brazil are that you are required to put your age and status (i.e. married/single). Incredible,  isn't it? And can you believe that you can actually send your resume with a picture on it and everything? Some places even require a picture. Ahhh yes, exposing my age and sexual orientation right off the bat will at least cure me from working with any "phobes" and 'isms". ;) See? You just have to find the bright side in all of that!  Now the real question is...do I send in a picture with my contacts or glasses? hahaha Decisions! ;)

Jul. 14th, 2009

aspire to be

finding your space

As most everyone knows, I don't consider myself religious. I do, however, consider myself spiritual. And I have a large interest in religions and wish that I could expand my knowledge more in that area. Lately I've felt that I've needed to focus more time being thankful and showing my gratitude to the higher what-have-yous in the world. And due to the latest turn of events that flipped my world upside down in such a wonderful way, both Carol and I knew we had to find some place marking to give thanks to whatever positive energy spun us in that direction.
We decided we should check out the local Catholic church. It is a beauty of a church. One of the prettier I've seen, honestly. There's something beautiful about its mixture of classic with modern. One time when we went there just to take a looksie inside, it was totally silent (hardly anyone was there) except for this beautiful humming like music. We fell in love instantly with the feeling of the place. All of a sudden it didn't feel like some sanctuary that was bound by rules and strict structures (not saying that that definition is what Catholisism is, mind you). Instead it felt like this peaceful, deep place that only required your presence.

So last Sunday morning (because on Saturday we ended up getting tied up with business things to get done) we walked to this church, knowing that their mass had probably already ended, to sit and meditate and just simply give some thanks for our life together.

This is something I really want to do with our children every week. I want us to go somewhere, anywhere, where the focus is simply to sit, think and be thankful and happy. I think it'll provide the structure that I want for our children but also the freedom I so long for for them.

Today I swung by in hopes it might be open just to be able to sit and pray about  Carol's herniated cervical disk problem. Unfortunately it was with its doors closed. Ah well.